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Our Mission

The Japanese Headache Society (JHS), an Affiliate Member Society of the International Headache Society (IHS), is an academic association of headache care providers and scientists for headache research. It aims to contribute to the progress and development of basic and clinical research for headache and its related disorders and work for the headache health promotion of people in Japan and abroad.

Our major activities are as follows: (1) Implementation of the annual scientific meeting and other educational meetings (2) Publication of the Japanese Headache Society Journal and other literature on headache medicine (3) Accreditation of board-certified headache specialists (4) Cooperative activities with other related organizations in Japan and abroad (5) Miscellaneous activities required to fulfill our mission

Our Activities

As of July 2016, the society had 2436 members, 832 of whom are board-certified headache specialists. The President is Dr. Norihiro Suzuki, Professor and Chairman of Neurology, Keio University School of Medicine. JHS publishes an official journal: Nihon Zutsu Gakkai Shi (The Japanese Headache Society Journal), which is published in Japanese with English abstracts. JHS holds an annual scientific meeting for all members together with the general assembly of delegates once a year.

Our History

The Era of "the Headache Conference (Zutsu Konwakai)" (1973-1985)
The Era of "the Headache Study Group (Zutsu Kenkyukai)" (1985-1997)
1997: The Japanese Headache Society (JHS) was founded.
2005: JHS began to implement the accreditation of board-certified headache specialists.
2005: The 12th International Headache Congress was held in Kyoto.


  1. Regular members: Any medical doctors and dentists, whose objectives are in accordance with the purposes of the society, can join the JHS.
  2. Non-physician members: A recommendation letter from a JHS board member is needed to join the JHS.
  3. Supporting members: Individuals or corporations, who are willing to assist the activities of the JHS,can join the JHS with permission from the board meeting.
  4. To apply for JHS membership, you should send the filled application form and your CV (any format is fine) to the JHS secretariat by email.
    Email address: info@jhsnet.org
    Application Form: MS-WORD PDF
    Further information: info@jhsnet.org

Board-certified Headache Specialist

Those who wish to take the board examination for board-certified headache specialists of the JHS must:

  1. be a member of the JHS for a minimum of 3 years.
  2. be a member of one of the headache-related societies stated in the JHS regulations.
  3. have a minimum of 5 years of training at a certified institution or its equivalent experience.
  4. have past publication and presentation in the field of headache medicine.

The board examination takes place annually (usually in August).