Greetings from the President

Takao Takeshima, President

The Japanese Headache Society is a group of physicians and dentists who are interested in headache medicine. Our goal is to improve headache care and contribute to the health of all individuals with headache. We aim to update and propagate information related to headache medicine and promote headache prevention and therapeutic measures through scientific research in order to contribute to headache sufferers.

The Japanese Headache Society has a history of 50 years and has over 2800 members as of 2022. This society is politically and financially neutral. We conduct various activities such as holding academic conferences, publishing academic journals, training researchers and medical professionals, and raising social awareness. We also train and certify headache specialists who can provide kind, clear, and high-quality medical care to patients who suffer from headaches.

We will cooperate with the International Headache Society and the Asian Regional Consortium for Headache (ARCH) to enhance headache care in Japan. We also emphasize the diversity of the society and create a system where members from various regions and backgrounds can play more active roles. We are particularly aware of the importance of women's social advancement.

To stand with and expand the rights of individuals who suffer from headaches, we will work together with the Global Patient Advocacy Coalition (GPAC) and the Japan Patient Advocacy Coalition (JPAC). I will inherit the passion and efforts of Dr. Fumihiko Sakai, Dr. Norihiro Suzuki, Dr. Koichi Hirata, and other predecessors who have led the Japanese Headache Society, and strive to develop our activities.